Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Surprises Continue

Where was I?

Oh right, getting fucked by a hot co-ed…

I pulled her face to mine and kissed her, my tongue exploring her hot wet mouth. My cock felt so different inside her than it does Jenny, different is definitely a good feeling. But I hated having to wear the condom, I had not worn one in quite a while. I knew I’d get my chance later with Jenny.

I began to roll and Jen rolled right off of me. She was on her back and I took her entire body in, her firm tummy and pert tits, her hot, wet vagina, and her feet flat on the bed, knees bent were all too inviting. I gave Jenny a devilish grin as I buried my face into Jen’s hot wet pussy to get a nice taste. I ran my tongue the length of her pussy, which was completely shaved today. I slid my tongue in and Jen moaned with delight. She put her hands on my head and begged, “I want you to fuck me hard. Please? Let Jenny get a good view of you fucking me HARD…”

I obliged and slid up Jen’s body, but before I could slide into her Jen grabbed my head, licked her lips and then kissed me, getting a good taste of herself on my lips. She moaned as I slid my cock into her. I wanted nothing more than to fuck her so hard she screamed and all in front of my wife.

Jen slid her legs around mine and began grinding against me as I slid in and out of her. Jenny was sitting away from the bed taking it all in, slowly sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. I looked back at Jen who opened her eyes and pulled me to her as her body began to tense, “I have wanted to fuck you since the moment I saw you… I want to feel your cum in me so bad… I love feeling your cock in me… oh fuck you’re going to make me cum, fuck me harder, pretend we’re alone…” she whispered all of this in my ear.

I began to nibble on her ear and her hands when to my ass, pushing me deeper into her. Her body tensed and she began to moan with each slide of my cock, “uhn, uhn, uhn!” and she unwrapped her legs from mine. Her body pushed harder against mine and she said, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

It was too late, she was already there, I could feel her juices squirt onto me and I continued to ram into her. I was so aware of her orgasm, and the condom on my cock was keeping the friction down. As Jen relaxed she looked at Jenny, “I want to eat you out while your husband pounds me from behind…”

We renegotiated our positions as Jen began to slowly lick Jenny, and I slid in behind Jen. I didn’t have the greatest view on the action but when Jenny made eye contact with me I began to pound Jen some more. I could tell Jen was coming up for breaths, but when Jenny bit her lip and pushed Jen’s head between her legs she was about to cum. When her eyes closed and her head rolled back I knew it was there.

At the first moan I could feel my own orgasm building, so I pulled out. I slipped off the condom and as Jenny’s moans grew louder I came hard all over Jen’s back. This sent Jenny into a tail spin of moans and cries of pleasure as she began to fuck Jen’s face hard.

When it was all over, I kissed Jen, and told Jenny she tasted great tonight… I walked back to the kitchen to retrieve more drinks for us while the ladies cleaned up. We spent the next long while drinking, tickling, playing and having fun. Jenny had, had the most to drink, but that did not keep her from wanting more of Jen’s pussy.

Again I was hard and soon I was fucking Jenny while she was eating Jen out. Jen mouthed to me, “I want your cum…” and that did it. I came hard inside of Jenny, and we nearly all three had orgasms at once.

We eventually all fell asleep on the bed, naked and worn out. I woke up a couple of hours later and had to pee. When I opened the bathroom door I was not only surprised to see Jen awake and standing there, but I was surprised to hear her offer of a private session…

Monday, August 17, 2009

Updates from the Frontal Nudity

Wow, what a crazy few weeks. Over the last few weeks, Jenny and I moved into a new house, and my company grabbed up a large, yet very late contract. The contract included media work, and was so big I didn’t trust anyone else in the office to handle it.

Any more I don’t personally handle too many clients, but this one was both new and well paying. Although there was no guarantee of a return to our services, I wanted to take care of it personally to better our chances at getting their business again.

Anyway, I will get back to the story at hand, but I want to be able to handle it straight up when I have more time. But some things that have occurred in the interim are just as fun to write about.

Two weeks ago I interviewed a young woman for an intern position. I was actually interviewing her as a favor for one of my associates from a different branch office. The young woman, we’ll call her Jamie, had actually applied for an internship in our PR department. After speaking with my associate I called my PR Manager to inquire why she had not yet gotten an interview. “I’m not all that certain she’s qualified boss,” he told me.

If I had wondered before if my PR Manager was a moron, this just confirmed it. When I asked the office HR Director for the application I was beside myself on why we had not followed up with Jamie. She already has her degree and was working in the field, but wants to work on her writing certificate, and that required an internship for writing. She not only submitted an excellent copy sample, she had experience in marketing. I called her up and set the interview.

When I met Jamie I was befuddled, mesmerized even. She is not only smart, but gorgeous, with blonde hair, a cute smile and eyes that dig into your soul. Her interview lasted 10 minutes, the ensuring conversation and requisite flirting lasted another hour and a half. When I was single and in this position I would have hired her directly for my office, but being married this would be dangerous now.

I finally said, “Well we’ve chatted enough, congratulations and welcome to our office, you are our new intern. And if you are alright with it, I really think you would be a waste in our PR department, I think you should work directly for my office so you can get a taste of our business all around.”

Yeah… maybe she can get a taste of my cock too… Oh wait did I just type that?

And so… although we are jumping ahead from my last story, we will fast forward into the future while this is still very fresh in my mind.

Jenny and I have had two encounters with Jen. We have followed all of the rules set out, and I have not seen Jen when Jenny has not been around. Fair is fair, and if I’m going to break any rules of my marriage, well I’m just going to keep that to myself.

I had to spend a couple of days out of town, and Jenny was in LA for work at the same time. We were scheduled back home on the same day. Her in the early afternoon, me in the later evening and so I called her when my plane arrived, “I have a surprise for you, so don’t goof around, come straight home!” I have known Jenny long enough to know that she’s been drinking and is a bit buzzed. And so I grab my bags and head straight to my car in anticipation of what my surprise could be. I figured it would be her naked, on the couch waiting to screw. This wouldn’t be the first time!

When I walked into the house from the garage Jenny was in the kitchen, a freshly opened bottle of wine and two glasses. She set them all down and I dropped my bags, one hot wet kiss ensued and Jenny grinded against me. My cock was hard in an instant. I was ready to do it right there in our kitchen. But Jenny pushed away from me, “Can you grab another glass? We’re in the family room…”

WE?!? Now I WAS curious. Jenny grabbed the wine, and I grabbed an extra glass and the two on the counter and I followed her to the family room. Two wine glasses and an empty bottle of Chardonnay sat on the table next to Jen, who was in a blue tank top and short shorts. She had her legs crossed as she sat on the couch, but was on her feet in a second as she came to me and gave me a great big hug. She rubbed her small hips against my cock as she said, “I think Jenny really missed you this week…” and flashed me a wicked smile.

We sat in the living room chatting and finished the bottle of raspberry wine when Jenny climbed onto my lap and started making out with me. After a few moment I felt a hand on my cock between our bodies and hear Jen say, “Damn Jenny, you make him so fucking hard!” Jenny broke our kiss and began to kiss Jen while she stayed on my lap. She then winked at Jen and looked at me with a devilish grin, “So are you ready for your surprise?”

“There’s more?” I asked.

Jenny led me to our bedroom and said, “Let’s not waste time…” As she began to pull at her shirt. Before I could begin to undress myself Jen was in front of me, kissed me, winked and then pulled my shirt over my head. She quickly had my belt undone and pulled my shorts and boxers off in one quick motion. She was on her knees to help me off and before I could realize what happened her lips were wrapped around my cock.

My wife’s lips were quickly on mine, in an awkward position while Jen sucked on my cock. “Get up Jen!” and Jen did as she said. She kissed her hard on the lips and exclaimed, “I love the taste of my husband’s cock on your lips. I can’t wait to taste him on your pussy.” She looked to me, “Maybe you should help her off with her clothes…”

I did as was requested and sucked her dark brown nipples as I slipped off her shorts, and she had no panties on. Jen led me to the couch, and that was the first time I noticed there was a fresh box of condoms on the night stand. “I can’t wait to watch you fuck my husband and then taste his cock on your pussy…”

Still a bit confused as fucking was against the rules, Jenny opened a condom and slid it over my cock. She kissed me hard, and said, “Have fun!” and then kissed Jen and said, “Leave some for me!” Jen climbed on top of me, kissed me hard and passionately as I felt her pussy envelop my cock. I had wanted to fuck Jen the moment we met her. As she slowly began to grind on me I knew this would never do. Before I could offer instruction Jenny leaned in readjusted Jen so her hands were on my chest and I could get a decent view of her tits.

Jen began to fuck me harder as I watched her petite tits bob up and down, I turned to look at Jenny to find her slide her finger in her wet pussy and take a lick and then smile at me. I knew Jenny wanted a show and I was planning on obliging…

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Candidates Part II

Jen… ahhhh, Jen.

If I had my pick, I’d probably pick Cindy because I know her, trust her, and well we work well together. And every time we talk or chat I get off just thinking about her wonderful blow jobs. Best ever, period.

But considering Jenny wasn’t comfortable with that, well then my first pick moves to Jen.

Jen is 20, she will be 21 in just a few weeks. She never sent us a nude pic before we met her. She felt that she wanted to let some things be a surprise. While we had initially wanted to meet someone who had some experience (a) with women and (b) with a threesome, for some reason we were drawn to Jen.

Now, granted, she is young, and brunette, and petite (so needless to say I was immediately attracted to her) but she was also down to earth. She also was eager to do something outside of the box, something new, something to really bring in her 21st birthday. No matter what Jenny and I went into this figuring we’d meet a nice young lady and move on.

Jen was the first woman we met in a restaurant instead of a bar. She had nice tight jeans and t-shirt on and although a bit nervous, she looked relaxed. We ordered drinks (she got served!) and moved easily into normal chit-chat. We spent drinks and appetizers getting to know each other.

When dinner was served Jen pulled out her cell phone, tapped in a quick message, and flashed the young lady near the bar a smile as she explained she brought her best friend along just in case anything went south. She was sending her friend away.

By dessert we had all had enough drinks to loosen up. Our conversation changed a bit, with more innuendo thrown in, but we guarded ourselves still because we were in a restaurant. When the waiter came by and asked if we actually wanted any dessert Jennifer spoke up, “No, I think we’ll take a check though please.” She then looked at Jen, “Maybe you would prefer to have dessert at our house? That way we can continue this conversation in proper fashion? “

When we were in the car Jenny’s hand went to my leg and started rubbing, then moved to my cock which was already getting hard, “Can you believe this is going to happen?” she asked.

A bit shocked I asked, “Tonight?” Jenny just laughed, “Yeah, while I’m not ruling anyone else out, this chick is totally turning me on. And besides, what better way to eat some pussy than with a girl that’s never done it herself? This is going to be FUN!”

When we arrived home I went into the kitchen to get drinks while Jen and Jenny made themselves comfortable in the living room. We had more conversation in the living room, and a couple of more drinks. To be honest I had hoped that Jen and Jenny would have been making out when I returned each time from getting more drinks, but at the same time I was glad nothing had started without me.

When I came back the third time Jen asked, “So, I’m getting pretty fucking horny… how do we get this started?” Jenny just smiled at her and said, well maybe you just need to start kissing my husband and we’ll see where it goes from there… he IS a great kisser…”

The first kiss was tentative, but hungry. My tongue explored Jen’s mouth as she sat next to me, her hand on the back of my head and Jenny’s hand rubbing my thigh. With the next kiss Jen was on my lap, my hands on her ass… and it only got better from there…

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Candidates

And so the search was on. Jenny and I had to set some ground rules of course. Of course we had the regular rules were set, preferably someone we are not close friends with, but someone we can trust. Even if this meant meeting several times to build that level of trust. Also, I could not have straight up sex during with our chosen partner on the first encounter. Jenny wanted to make sure she was comfortable with everything before we took it to that level. And finally, it could not be with anyone that I had any kind of a past with.

Now let’s stop there and make a couple of quick notes. First, is that ever since Jenny mentioned that she would like to bring another woman into our bed, well our sex life has exploded. It has always been spectacular, but now the dirty talk has hit a whole new level. When she travels, text messages and phone sex turn to thoughts of what we will do with another participant. As a matter of fact Jenny is looking forward to repaying the favor she has received many times between the legs. It is certainly one thing to get that… a whole different to give it… and maybe get it at the same time.

The other thing is that I nearly immediately broke one of the rules…

The first person I contacted was Cindy. Cindy is an old friend and a former friend with benefits. We have traded booty calls quite a bit over the years. Especially after she was divorced, and after I was divorced, even though she was living with a guy. Over the years we’ve figured out what the other has liked. Several years ago, as a favor (and it didn’t take much convincing) I was the stand in as Cindy taught her friend how to give a better blow job. I then demonstrated to her friend how good a blow job can feel for a woman. Her friend has been recently divorced and figured if she was going to be back on the market she better learn how to give a better BJ. When we found out that she’d never had ANYONE go down on her, well I was almost too eager to assist.

Anyway, after that experience Cindy and I often spoke of trying a threesome, but it just never materialized. Her friend wasn’t all that interested in experimenting with women, and we just never found the right partner. Cindy, who is now engaged, was very interesting in joining us, but I explained that it would take some convincing for Jenny, considering Cindy and I have had a lot of sex in the past. Although we never really had feeling for each other beyond fucking, I know Jenny would still have issues with it. Plus, it could be dangerous. Cindy has given some of the best blow jobs I’ve ever received in my life. Plain and simple she’s an expert, and has given me some of the most violent orgasms in my life, just by sucking me off… That could definitely make Jenny uncomfortable.

And so we began the search together. We E-mailed and exchanged pics with quite a few ladies. We met with only several.

Marcia... What can be said about Marcia. She was well built, we had seen that from her pictures, and her tattoos covered more than we expected. Although we had seen every part of Marcia prior to the night we met her at the bar, we were taken a bit aback by her appearance. Although clean, she was a bit more gruff in person. She ultimately failed the test when she mentioned she would prefer having sex with me before getting into bed with both of us to make sure it was worth it… next…

Susan… travels a lot. She’s not from here and travels in on business. A plus is that we could use her hotel room. The minus is that she comes to our town only about once every other month. If we liked her we would have a lot of waiting and phone sex we’d have to accomplish in the meantime. Susan is very firm too, I got a chance to feel her awesome thigh muscles, and immediately imagined what it would be like to have my face buried between those legs. Susan was also eager to get us back to her room. So eager in fact that when Jenny excused herself to the bathroom Susan began to rub my crotch and within second her tongue was in my mouth. She did this quickly, and the kiss was awesome, and was over rather quickly, leaving me with a raging hard-on and wanting more. Fortunately Jenny did not find out about this 30 seconds of passion, which was meant to convince me, unfortunately Jenny liked Susan a lot, but wanted to wait until her next swing through town to take it to the bed. So Susan is a possible.

Jody… Jody was H-O-T! Jenny was also attracted to Jody, who had on a shirt that showed off her well endowed tits. She had also promised to demonstrate how a tongue ring could totally make certain aspects of sex much more enjoyable for both sexes. Now while I truly want Jenny to enjoy this experience as much as I do, I had a bad feeling that Jody was totally into Jenny… totally. As in I was there more as a side show. While I would love to watch my wife make love to another woman, I want to get more out of the experience rather than getting to know my own hand. Outside of the bar, Jody and Jenny totally got it on, and I again was the recipient of a raging hard on. While this was not the first time Jenny had ever made out with another woman, it was the first time she made out with another woman and then fucked the shit out of her man. Jody did move a bit too fast for Jenny’s taste (while she was sucking on Jenny’s neck she was playing with Jenny’s tit in the back seat of my car. Hot? Yes. Jody is a possibility, but a bit too interested in Jenny for my taste. I want to get some of that myself, please…

And then there was Jen. Ahhhh Jen…

To be continued……

And a side note. Cindy and I? Yeah… we’ve been hitting the sexting hot and heavy for a few days now… Hopefully we can accommodate her fantasy… but there is Jen… young Jen…

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Update


What I've written about up to this point? Is somewhat old news in the real world. I always liked to keep off time so as to throw off anyone that may stumble upon me by accident and be able to figure out who I am. Names have always been changed and mostly things occurring on the blog are weeks, or even months old. Nothings changed since I have returned.

This much I can say. Things have progressed since then, and I will share them with you shortly! I have been out of town for work, and pleasure and so I will get back to writing tomorrow.

Till then, if anyone is actually reading this beside me... enjoy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

It WAS an Offer!

My mind was filled with new fantasies. Jenny wanted to try something new. Our sex life has always been somewhat adventurous. We started screwing when I was not available. And since we’ve been married we have had sex nearly anywhere we wanted, especially when the mood struck.

“Do you want to suck someone’s pussy while I fuck you like this?” she asked me grinning. She was riding me hard, my cock deep inside of her. I couldn’t wait to explode inside of her. I sat up and took one of her large nipples into my mouth, I sucked hard and she moaned loudly. “Oh fuck yeah, I want two mouths on me… sucking BOTH of my nipples at once!”

She pushed me back down flat on the bed, and dug her nails into me. Her head flung up, her eyes closed, she bit her lip and then it happened. She moaned loudly, and screamed, “Oh fuck!” bit her lip again and then the orgasm hit. I grabbed her ass and thrust deep into her, hard, and let it go. I came hard inside of her, filling her up and it only made her scream louder, “Yeah baby, fill me up, I love feeling your cum!!!”

She collapsed on me, and we laid there catching our breath. She kissed my chest softly and the smell of sex filled our bedroom. I wanted badly to taste her pussy and her head popped up. She smiled at me, bit her lip and kissed me. I knew she was avoiding saying something so I asked, “what?!?”

She smiled again, and said, “I’m serious, I want to bring someone else into our bedroom. I don’t know that I want you to fuck her, but I want you to do things to both of us, and maybe have you both do things to me…”

I asked, “You have someone in mind already?” I wasn’t exactly concerned, but I was definitely curious…

“No, sweetie, I want to pick someone together, and maybe see what it’s like. Preferably a stranger… and I dunno, maybe you could fuck her, but only if you’re covered…”

We chatted only briefly, and before we knew it was I between her legs, tasting our cum mixed together. As I sucked on her lips, and she grasped my head ordering, “harder, suck harder!” my mind began to race with what type of woman I want to bring to our bed…

I slid back up, and let her taste us on my lips as my cock split her open again. Too bad she already met Carolyn, but she doesn’t know Michelle. I bet she’d be willing to help us out…

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Offer?

“It’s Jenny!” came the voice from the office next door. I knew who it was, but my assistant was eager to answer the phone and talk to her for some reason.

“You free for the afternoon?” the voice on the other end asked.

“Unfortunately I have a conference call, but I can do lunch. It’ll at least be nice to see you in person.” Jenny had taken her old job back in LA with the caveat that she could work from home a majority of the time but travel back when duty called. She’s been on a huge project, and so she’s been gone more lately, days at a time.

My Blackberry went off with a text, “Got an outside table.”

I honestly forget sometimes how attracted I am to Jenny. She is the type of woman I absolutely crave. Well there are two types, the young sultry type and the curvaceous type. Granted Jenny is two-and-a-half years younger than me, but she is very curvaceous. Her ass is the right kind of nice, and her tits are plenty to keep me busy. Although I normally dig the brunettes, Jenny’s hair is just the type of dirty blonde to get me going. And on the occasions she has darkened her hair and on Halloween when she dressed with a dark curly wig. Let’s just say I was insatiable.
When she got dressed in the morning she knew exactly what she was after too. We had had a decent round of phone sex last night in preparation of her arrival back home today. The tank top she was wearing showed off the cleavage I love and her jeans were nice and tight and the tattoo on her foot was clearly visible.

She didn’t even get up to hug me, she just flashed me a smile and threw me a quick kiss. She knows how to drive me crazy. We spend some time catching up, enjoying the cool breeze in the shade. Our meal ordered we cannot keep our eyes off of each other. Her fingers glide across my knee with just a gentle touch. Amazingly we have both ignored E-mails that have sailed into our Blackberries.

A familiar voice calls out my name, “AJ, is that you? Holy crap it’s been a long time!” This happens way too often because the business I work in I meet a LOT of people. But Jenny is also well aware of my past, and I’m sure sizing her up she figured we’d fucked in the past. And she’d have guessed right, only this girl was one of my craziest nights. I didn’t so much have a threesome with her as I fucked her and then fucked her sister… In the same night, in the same room… while they alternately watched.

Needless to say the image of Carolyn and her sister flashed through my mind and now I wanted nothing more than to get home to Jenny and make up for lost time. I introduced them and Carolyn moved on out of the restaurant. With this on my mind I wanted nothing more than to suck a nipple right then and there.

Our meal complete Jenny asked, with her hand rubbing my thigh, “Are you sure you can’t skip the conference call?” Unfortunately I could not; it was with my boss and a potential client with deep pockets. Jenny was checking the bill so I pulled out my Blackberry. Ten E-mails I zoned straight into the one from my boss. It was actually a PIN so it was red, “Call was cancelled, rescheduled for tomorrow same time. I’m sick and going home.”

That was all we needed. I called my admin on my way home to tell her to turn off the lights, I had more important things to handle…

We banged into the fridge and giggled as Jenny rubbed the back of her head. We were a little bit too eager evidently. We nearly tripped over a box or two on our way to the couch as well. We’re getting to move soon. She pushed me onto the couch and pulled her tank top over her head then straddled me, our lips devoured each other, her tongue exploring my mouth.

I fumbled with her bra and slipped it off. I had been anticipating her nipples all day, large and dark she loves when I suck and bite them. Her hands were on the back of my head and she was moaning, my hands roaming all over her back, she pulled my head away from her tits and kissed me hard again. She started grinding against me, and I knew we had a long night ahead of us.
When she’s been gone this long, I know we’ll fuck hard and then take each other’s time exploring and reacquainting our bodies. She bit my lip and then I went back to her nipples. Still grinding against me she asked, “Are you thinking of Carolyn?” Even though she had slipped into my mind, I knew what Jenny wanted to hear…

“Maybe,” I muttered between licks and sucks. I knew she loved it when we had dirty talk, when I told her about past experiences. She is very comfortable in our relationship and not jealous at all.

“Would you ever want to invite another woman into our bed?” I looked up at her and our eyes locked, I knew she wanted to fuck and she was only making me want her more, “Sure I would, whatever would please you…” She cut me off with a deep kiss, her tongue hard into my mouth, she bit my bottom lip again and then said, “I’m serious… we should have some fun with someone else…

She kissed me again, and I didn’t know what to say next…